“The Truth Is Out There”

The titled quote comes from The X-Files, one of the most iconic modern science fiction shows that was a huge hit for Fox Network and actually put it on the map and more than likely started the entire paranormal and metaphysical surge that has taken over the globe.

These Curious Times [TCT] is NOT another site to bring you our own brand of strange phenomenon, although we have had our share, rather we want to be your morning newspaper for all things related to the abnormal, the paranormal and the odd universe we live in.

Our aim is to deliver intelligent conversation not only to the paranormal community, but to skeptics as well. We have investigative journalists, Masons, international investigators, bonafide psychics and artists whose only desire is to gather pertinent content ~ convey to you, our readers ~ and let you draw your own conclusions.

TCT is gathering celebrity interviews, attending professional lectures, wandering endless aisles of conventions from Comic-Con International to Kids.Con, roaming hereto unknown cemeteries and conversing with everyday individuals who make their living in realms of the unknown.

We have some rather BIG plans and hope that you will join us on our journey to discover the truth. Please subscribe to our blog and visit us on Facebook @thesecurioustimes

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