Not Your Dad’s Comic Book Shop

Will Penny mans his comic store booth at Midsummer Scream, August 3-4, at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Like a candle in the dark, Will Penny’s booth for Sex and Monsters stood out in a dimly lit section of Midsummer Scream, the horror-themed convention that took place on August 3 & 4 at the Long Beach Convention Center.  Penny himself was huddled behind a vivid display of comic books portraying scantily clad women and (you guessed it) monsters.

Sex and Monsters is a publishing company that specializes in comic books and art, and the name of the company more or less describes its content.

“Sex and Monsters was originally just my webcomic,” said Penny. “Now it’s a collective of artists.”  

Indeed, while Penny was selling merchandise, several of the other artists’ work was on display.  Tales from Grim County is a comic book series written by Dom Kreep, and art by Mike Hoffman, Nik Poliwko, Robert Nixon, Sam McKenzie, and Mike Vosburg.  What’s it about – picture a world where much of the seedy characters are not humans but actual monsters.  

Penny said, “Each comic book of Tales from Grim County comes with a musical soundtrack that is supposed to go along with the comic.” The soundtrack is created by the Grim County Coroners. The Grim County Coroners has a dark gritty surf rock type of feel to it.

Another comic at the booth was called Super Horror. Imagine the Avengers, but instead of the usual superheroes they were monsters and scary creatures straight out of Turkish folklore.  The author of Super Horror, a guy named Celor from Turkey, in a fit of ingenious creativity, decided to make the folklore that he grew up with into the various characters and villains found in Super Horror.

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