America’s Scream Queen is Also an Animal Hero

Linnea Quigley, famous horror movie actress and animal rescuer.

Linnea Quigley is an animal hero. She’s also an established and well known actress in the horror movie genre.

Quigley is known for her role as “Trash” in Return of the Living Dead (1985), but she has been in 125 horror films. In addition to her continued filming and attending horror conventions, she also operates an animal sanctuary in Victorville named Moulin Rouge Animal Rescue.“

I’ve always had a thing for animals,” said Quigley, who was at the time autographing memorabilia at a booth during the Midsummer Scream convention at the Long Beach Convention Center on August 3 and 4. “I feel like I’ve been predestined to do this.”

She recounted one of her most recent rescues. After the film fest at the Hollywood Egyptian, almost two months ago. Quigley said she was driving home very late at night in an area with no street lights. She said, “While I was driving, my headlights hit upon a shape in the middle of the road which could have been a bobcat…a mountain lion…coyote so I got out and it was a husky laying exhausted in the middle of the road, in a desolate area where there aren’t any houses.”

“I got him in my car,” she continued, “where he ate the rest of my spaghetti in fast order and got him to my home and I took him into this big structure I have for rescues.”

The husky stayed the night with another rescue, a cat. “There were doors separating the two,” she added.

The next day, Quigley took the husky to the vet and “Yay, he had an identifying chip!” she said.

Linnea Quigley speaks with a fan at the Midsummer Scream convention in Long Beach.

“Well, maybe not yay,” she continued. The husky originally belonged to someone from Auburn, Washington. “We did some digging around and found out that the owners were bankrupt … but how did the husky end up in Southern California?”

They were unable to find out how the dog wound up so far from home. “He is up for adoption,” said Quigley.Quigley is currently looking for volunteers to help staff the Rescue. She’s also looking for other donations.

If anyone wants to help, they can reach her through the Official Linnea Quigley page on Facebook.

Moulin Rouge Animal Shelter is currently accepting only dogs and cats who are not aggressive. Eventually, she would like an area for other forms of domesticated animals (like goats or sheep).

Quigley is still filming, and her most recent films are The Good Things Devils Do, Twilight Camp, The Barn, and Killer Babes and the Frightening Film Fiasco.For more information about the animal rescue, direct message the Official Linnea Quigley Facebook page.

For more information about Linnea Quigley, visit her website at

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