Investigating Paranormal Activity

Brian Clune (left) and Bob Davis are two paranormal investigators who are in charge of ‘Planet Paranormal’.

Most people are content to avoid ghosts. Some people actively seek them.

If you are one of the latter, you might be interested in joining Planet Paranormal on one of their investigations. Brian Clune and Bob Davis are paranormal investigators and started Planet Paranormal in order to conduct their own investigations.

Clune and Davis both have different reasons for their interests in paranormal investigations.

For Clune, it started after his father passed away. “My eldest son convinced me to do paranormal investigations, and after doing one I kept doing it.”

For Davis, he was always attuned to the paranormal.

Clune is “100% convinced” in the existence of ghosts. He recounted an experience he had while conducting an investigation at the Queen Mary, which is a mid-1900s ocean cruise liner that is known for its ghost sightings, and is based in Long Beach as a popular attraction, hotel, and event venue.

“I was down in what is called The Green Room, which is where the forward generator and other engineering compartments are,” said Clune. According to Clune, he was leaning on a wooden railing and in playful manner asked aloud, “Did you miss me?”

He then felt a touch on his arm and an audible disembodied voice that said, “Get out.” He said the way that “Get out” was said wasn’t angry, it was just matter of fact.

Planet Paranormal doesn’t usually take out a lot of high tech equipment like other paranormal investigators do. “We used to take a lot of equipment, but not any more,” said Clune. “Too much equipment takes away from our own natural ability to detect things – through sound, sight, touch.”

What are ghosts? Clune suggested, “I don’t know for sure, but if I was to suggest a scientific hypothesis, it has probably something to do with energy left over after death.”

“Be more open,” said Davis, advising any potential skeptic who is interested in a paranormal experience. “You don’t have to be particularly sensitive to paranormal or supernatural phenomena. You just have to be aware.”

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