We bring dead things to life

Angel Escalante (right), one of the founders of Angel of Death Creations.

Angel Escalante has always been a creative man, and worked for a long time doing signwork. He has also been a big fan of horror movies.

Escalante’s Angel of Death Creations is a shop filled with a potpourri of scary costumes, artwork, craftwork, and spooky props.

“We originally had a shop that did very similar types of work called Vandal Images, but that wasn’t related to the horror genre,” said Escalante.

He started making masks and props with his son in Victorville, and these were instrumental in the haunted houses and mazes they both worked on, and which were a big attraction in their neighborhood.  Escalante’s son is older now, but he now has new helpers in his grandchildren.  

“Maybe some day I’ll get back into doing haunted houses,” said Escalante.

For more information, or to hire Angel of Death Creations to create a haunted house or maze, call (626) 722-3880, or find them on Facebook.

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