‘Lobsterfest’ at The Longboard Restaurant in HB is Pretty Freakin’ Good!

Two Maine Lobsters, one pound each, with corn-on-the-cob and baked red potatoes, for $26.95 at The Longboard Restaurant & Pub.

Longboard Restaurant & Pub is a surf-themed establishment on Huntington Beach’s Main Street known especially for their lobster dinners. They’ve been around for about 29 years.

In the month of October, they turn it up a notch with their Lobsterfest Special for $26.95, which is either two Maine lobsters, or a Maine lobster and a steak, both meals come with corn-on-the-cob and red potatoes. Any person who likes steak and lobster will immediately recognize that this is a hell of a deal.

My wife and I recently visited The Longboard precisely for this special, and to treat myself to some lobster for my birthday. Full disclosure: this is not my first rodeo at The Longboard – coming here for Lobsterfest on my birthday is a well established tradition.

Atmosphere. The feel of Longboard’s is that its main focus is as a pub. Walk in the front door and there’s a full service bar, and the type of seating that one can expect at pubs. It’s very inviting, and on most nights the front area has a lot of activity, and on the weekends the bar is full. In the back, there’s an outdoor patio area that is covered and also has heating lamps. Overall, it’s a very friendly atmosphere, the employees are friendly and helpful, and the clientele are cheerful, too.

Service. When I walked in, it was ‘Seat Yourself’. This might not always be the case. I chose the patio area because “Hey, it’s my birthday and I get to choose!” The server showed up promptly and I ordered a beer and the two Maine lobsters special. Everything arrived in a timely fashion, I didn’t feel like I had to wait longer than what one would expect for the meal at hand, and the waitress regularly came around to check on us. She was very courteous and friendly, and I got the genuine impression that she wanted to be there. So, the service was great.

Food. I ordered the two Maine lobsters, which comes with corn on the cob, and baked red potatoes. First, the red potatoes were delicious, and with a little butter and some salt and pepper, they were really good. While there wasn’t anything spectacular about the corn on the cob, it was also good. But I came here for the lobster. These lobsters were a good size, not particularly large but I’d say they were about a pound each. For reference, most restaurants that sell lobsters (i.e. Red Lobster) that are 1 ¼ pounds, so Longboards is only about ¼ pound less, and you get two of them, whereas most restaurants only sell single lobsters. These lobsters were juicy, the perfect texture, and very flavorful. I loved it.

Price. Right now, Red Lobster restaurants in the Los Angeles area sell a single 1 ¼ pound Maine lobster for $36.49. Longboard’s Lobsterfest sells two one-pound lobsters for $26.95. That’s two pounds of lobster for less than a major restaurant. That’s pretty friggin’ good. So yes, the price is great.

How would I rate it? I think rating restaurants has become somewhat problematic these days, because it’s based on the prejudices and proclivities of the individual giving it, and some people will leave ratings purely for vindictive reasons, or sometimes people on other rating websites will actually pay others to give them good ratings. So before I give my rating, just know that I’m an easygoing, understanding person who feels for the plight of working men and women. I am slow to anger but at the same time I really appreciate great food when people put effort into it. Neither These Curious Times nor myself is being paid by The Longboard Restaurant; this is just my honest review:

I love The Longboard Restaurant & Pub, and I’m pleased to have made it a tradition on my birthday to come here for Lobsterfest.

Two thumbs up!

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