Join In a Global Out Pouring of Energy

This video was found quite by ‘coincidence’. It touched me to the core.

I am usually not one to be moved so emotionally ~ so when I am ~ I must share what I find. It is always the right thing to do.

A global prayer ~ meditation ~ an out pouring of light and goodness to the entire planet, is something that I have been mulling around in my head and heart for some time.

It doesn’t matter what religion or spiritual movement you believe in …. we as human beings …. as children of the planet need to come together and do this. It doesn’t matter if you believe in astrology or not, the movement of the sun, moon and stars do affect you.

Imagine the possibilities if we as a species actually stand together in one moment of time to pour love out onto the Earth and into the Universe …. Imagine it!!!!

Please watch the video till the end for specific time zone dates.

We will be participating, please join us.

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