The Ink Has Dried …..

We have been hinting for awhile that March 2021 was going to be a big month for us and we at TCTN are very pleased to announce that we have joined the PARAflixx family.

PARAFlixx, Inc. dedicates its name and brand to usher forth premium groundbreaking content in the paranormal genre captivating enthusiasts and researchers, intriguing the minds of a new population, leaving them spellbound. It has been deemed ‘The Netflix of the Paranormal’.

“Our fans are not just subscribers, our fans are our family.” stated Natalie Jones, President & CEO.

#PARAFlixx is lining up all entertainment categories including talk shows, music videos, film, documentary, live-streaming, and paraseries committed to original and ground-breaking content collected by independent film-makers, and established production companies.

#TCTN will be airing a talk show series with some of the most compelling and bewitching professionals in the paranormal field, from local religious wonders, to demonology, true skeptics, authors, and celebrities to occult practitioners, and perhaps a live investigation or two. The sky is not the limit ~ it is just the beginning!

PARAFlixx live streaming and app launch ~ March 2021! Check Us Out!!!

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