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Haunted OC Adds Another Ghost Tour – In Los Angeles!



One of the new ghost tours in Pasadena. Charles Spratley is wearing a brown jacket on the right (not the guy in the beanie).

By Charles Spratley

Concealed in the shadows of history, among folklore and legend, live tales of ghosts and haunted abodes. Haunted Orange County Paranormal Tours has been running the most spectacular tours since 2009, bringing together the past and the present with accurate historical information on locations throughout the Southland. Documented history coupled with first hand personal experiences and information gathered by paranormal investigators is what you will find. 

A new ghost tour is coming to Los Angeles County, Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl and the Tournament of Roses Parade welcomed the first tour last month.  Haunted OC is reaching out and covering more territory than ever before. 

The first venture out of Orange County, tour guides and investigators expanded to San Diego with the Villa Montezuma. This tour was conducted by candlelight and was not a ghost tour per se, but rather a stroll through this historical mansion.   The Villa was built for Jesse Shepard, a Spiritualist mystic that conducted musical séances in his home. 

With the Pasadena tour curiosity seekers will hear ghost stories aplenty as they walk the streets and alleyways in Old Pasadena.  The new tour guide lived in the city of Pasadena for many years and knows the legends and lore well. Stories from the historic district include the former stage manager, Gilmore Brown, who haunts the Pasadena Playhouse, a magnificent theatre that he helped build in 1925. Brown’s presence is still felt to this day, both by the actors and the stagehands. 

One of the most beautiful historic sites that is on the tour is the Castle Green, a luxury hotel that later became apartments. The Castle Green is known for several ghosts of former guests who have never checked out. The Castle is also known for its beautiful Victorian architecture that has been used in several movies, including The Sting, The Last Samurai, and The Prestige. 

Another tale to be told is about a famous rocket engineer from Caltech, who founded his own company and his strange after hour forays into the occult which may have caused his untimely death.

One of the significant things that sets the Pasadena tour apart is that this tour is over two miles in length and about two hours long, each minute full of eerie ghost stories and macabre history. 

For tour times and ticket pricing, please visit their website at

A dapper Charles Spratley listens to the tour guide.

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