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Shattered Glass



By Tammye McDuff

Some places are haunted. Some houses are haunted. Some objects are haunted. Some people are haunted. I happen to be the latter.

As far back as I can remember, ‘weird stuff’ would just happen like the window shades rolling up really fast in the middle of the night or the shampoo would wind up in the refrigerator or peanut butter would fly out of the pantry … all for no apparent reason.

At first it scared me. Then it became curious. Now I want answers. 

The last few days have been emotionally stressful. This week we experienced the full blood moon with a lunar eclipse [November 8, 2022] and if that energy wasn’t odd enough it happened to be Election Day. There were personal conclusions that I had to come to – like a huge ‘AHA!’ moment, but these decisions needed to be realized. And honestly, it has become liberating.

I digress.

So yesterday, November 10, 2022, I was sitting in my rocking chair, no music playing or television blaring that could drown out my thoughts.  I was just sitting and rocking and thinking. When suddenly there was a huge crash. I jumped and the cats jumped.

This noise was akin to the sound of two cars crashing. I was stunned at first, trying to decipher where the noise came from, but I followed the cats attention and it was coming from a corner in my kitchen. Still sitting in my rocking chair, I scanned the kitchen to see if there were any cabinets open or if anything had fallen. Nothing. I get up and walk into the kitchen, carefully examining everything and looking for fallen objects. I saw nothing. Then it caught my eye.


I don’t have a dishwasher, so everything must be washed by hand. I had dishes in the drainer. There were drying pots upside down on the stove.  And sitting all by itself on a dish cloth was an eight cup measuring cup ~ shattered.

This measuring cup was a treasure to me. I bought 30 years ago for $25.00 and it proudly displayed the Martha Stewart brand. It was special because it was one of the first kitchen items I had purchased after a very difficult divorce. It was my money. It was my purchase. And it was 26 years old!!!

I had used the measuring cup earlier to cool down boiling water. This cup has moved on many occasions, it has been dropped, it has been frozen, it has been put into the microwave and never had a chip or scratch. It was still in perfect condition. But there it was, completely shattered. 

Now I don’t mean it cracked, I don’t mean it broke. It was as if it had been covered by a cloth and hit with a hammer. It. Was. Shattered. Interestingly enough all the pieces were right there in place, nothing anywhere else on the cabinet or the floor. Nothing had fallen from the cabinet above it.

Well if you know me at all … I began to research the meaning behind shattered glass.

First thing listed on Google was this:

When you see a broken glass many times, it means that good things are soon coming your way. The bad omen in your life will go away. So, it will be time for good things to come. This meaning can be in your love life, career, or business. There will be a positive change of events. 

Okay. That’s a good thing, but that wasn’t all. As I am writing this, and reading the meanings behind broken glass ~ it is all dawning on me and it is highly personal, so I prefer not to share it. The one thing I will say is I believe it opened up the portal of 11:11 for me.

Glass is the easiest of things to break; some of the meanings should be seen as a message to take care and to pay close attention, like the end of an era. But it can also mean that a generational issue ~ curses if you will ~ have been broken. And that is a good thing.

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