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I just couldn’t believe it. The hatred that spewed from some of the posts was mind-boggling.

I have a dear friend who by all accounts must be the warmest, most caring, and understanding person I have ever met. She has taken the hardships she has endured ~ some of her own making and some not ~ and turned them into a path of deep spirituality, energy, and healing.

But make no mistake. She is as tough as they come. Her inner strength is a beacon even to me …. and if you know me that is saying a lot.

This woman speaks the truth. Always. She is intelligent, insightful and one of the wisest women I have ever had the opportunity to know.

No, I am not going to mention her name – out of respect – although she is the reason for this post, it is not about her. It is about the hate.

In a Facebook post, she had spoken her truth about SARS-CoV-2 [CoVID-19]. And we could discuss this in-depth but, I will just say that we are being lied to and there is so much more that we are not being told. I’m going to leave that discussion for another time and another newspaper.

These Curious Times News was created in part to bring reality to the paranormal community and to the oddities that occur in this world. We wanted to bring you true articles, that would otherwise not be written about in the mundane world. I say this to make note that we are accustomed to those raised eyebrows and askance looks.

What happened to civility? When someone raises talking points that others do not agree with -it is okay to disagree if you believe otherwise, it is okay to engage in discourse passionately. It is never okay to spew the hatred I read on her feed.

The idea is to listen and maybe learn something new – see a different perspective. That is, after all, how we grow as human beings. On her website – and she is an international personality – she writes:

“In these times of uncertainty, I want to remind you this is what you came for. To be fully awake and in your power during the time of planetary need. I do not like using the word Covid-19 but prefer to call it an awakening.”

Listen to those who know more than you – Consider their point of view – Research for yourself – and stop hiding in your little sheltered bubble of denial.

Stop hating because you are afraid.

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