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Science Fiction has been a way to broaden our horizons, to reflect on our own society through metaphor, and imagine what the future might be like.

There are countless examples of scientific discoveries and new technologies we take for granted today that were only a glimmer in the imaginations of past sci-fi authors. Distant solar systems, hand-held computers, and space travel were all conceived in the minds of these creators long before they became a reality. There is no telling what the next great breakthrough will be, but we can certainly glimpse what could be coming through the lens of science fiction!

Get ready to blast off into the future with a special invitation to a new series ~ Sci-Fi Saturday.  This is a perfect opportunity for classic SciFi fans to indulge their passion for intergalactic adventures. 

The first in the series will debut Saturday April 22 at the Orange Coast College Planetarium featuring nostalgic 1954 thriller classic, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”! As you sit back and enjoy the adventure, let our resident film buff, Theo Siegel, take you on a journey through the making of this timeless masterpiece. With fascinating insights into the production, special effects, and the incredible vision of the movie’s creators, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for this beloved film. 

This classic film is great fun for the entire family, so get your tickets now at

This program is made possible thanks to our Sponsor, These Curious Times and Heartland Institute of Financial Education

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