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A Tired Soul



Panic attack in public place. Licensed by Adobe Stock

By Tammye McDuff

When we go through extreme mental or emotional stress, often times our bodies feel exhausted, but did you know that your soul can be depressed? Even though we can always pick ourselves up and brush off the bad, think good thoughts and try to focus on being more energetic, sometimes you still feel  low.

There is a very good reason for this; your soul needs time to heal the same way a broken bone heals. Very Slowly.  Although our soul is not visible it is as important as our physical body … perhaps more so.

If you ignore the signs of your depleted energy it can lead to serious consequences like chronic anxiety, mental heal issues and depression. In an article from ‘The Power of Silence’ written by Mary Wright entitled “10 disturbing signs It’s Not Your Body, But Your Soul That Is Tired”, she delves into signs your soul is exhausted.

  1. During the day all you want to do is rest or lie down. Barring any physical illness, take notice of how many times you nap during the day or conversely how many times you may wake in the nights. Most of us aren’t morning people, but if you truly struggle to get out of bed in the morning, this could be a signal you soul is tired.
  2. You feel achy all throughout your body. You are tense, experience dizziness or blurred vision and headaches with no verifiable reason. 
  3. Have you ever been asked in passing “How are you today?” and you struggle to find an answer? You know intense feelings are happening, but you lack a description and can’t seem to pull yourself out?
  4. You often feel fragmented and disorientated because your mind and body are out of sync.
  5. Your emotions, even the little ones, are intensified. You feel extremely emotional and weepy for no apparent reason as if your heart would explode with love one moment and it is broken the next.
  6. You experience mild panic attacks or chronic anxiety.
  7. You feel profoundly lonely even when you among family and friends. Your defense is up and you don’t know who to trust.
  8. Bitter, jealous, angry or resentful thoughts about everything that happens around you.
  9. Your body is physically weak and any movement wears you out.
  10. Sometimes you can be so drained that you just want to pack your bags and start your life again, because this one no longer brings you pleasures in the things that once did.

It needs to be repeated, that these symptoms should always be checked by a physician. However if there is no active reason for these symptoms, then you must begin to process where you are and take care of your soul. Rest as much as you need too. Turn off you phone and all social media. Don’t be ashamed of seeking professional help. You would be amazed how speaking with a neutral party helps to alleviate the heaviness of toxic emotions.

Most of all take a step back, do some breathing exercises, and stop criticizing yourself.

The original article by Mary Wright at

Wright is a professional writer whose topics of interest gravitate around the fields of the human mind and the interpersonal relationships of people.

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