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Sea of possibilities

Lydia Ringwald

Sometimes at a challenging moment, I release myself from conflict and enter the ‘sea of possibility’ — where I ask ancestors for guidance.

A solution eventually emerges…Circumstances change, the situation shifts somehow…and there is a path…

One must be very clever to see this path…allow this path

Life is a constant flow of shifting circumstances

Where is it going?

The Will can sometimes give direction…accompanied by belief in our potential…what we have to ‘give’ to the world…

Believe in what we have to give…that energy that would be a step forward in evolution…

In the search into the paranormal, the supernatural…we are accessing power, the power that would catapult us towards our highest good

Defined as that which would benefit humankind…

By ‘power’ I don’t mean power over others…dominance…but rather, power as an energy that would encourage us to try for potential…and that potential

Would ultimately fuel our evolution, the evolution of our species.

Ah…a few thoughts…

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