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Horror Art with a Vivid Disney Twist



McBiff (the big guy in the center) with staff selling original artwork at Midsummer Scream, August 3-4, Long Beach Convention Center.

Ever since he was a child, Huntington Beach native David McNeley, known as ‘McBiff’ has always enjoyed doodling, but there was something about the genre of horror that really inspired him.

McBiff is a self-taught painter, and I first encountered him at the Midsummer Scream, the horror-themed convention at the Long Beach Convention Center this past August 3 and 4.  He and some friends were selling prints of his artwork along with a few original paintings.

“My influences are Disney animators Mary Blair and Rolly Crump, as well as Shag and of course Tim Burton,” said McBiff.

From my perspective, I was struck by the vibrant quality of his paintings. Yes, I can see the influences of these Disney animators, but McBiff’s work has a unique quality all their own. It’s a fusion of tribal art along with animation and horror – which results in subject matter that is seemingly scary but also humorous, lighthearted, and thought-provoking.

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