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A Well Traveled Ghost Hunter Finds a Home with Haunted OC



Paranormal Investigator Christine Larson, Actor Chad Lindberg (Fast & The Furious, Sons of Anarchy), and Haunted OC Founder Ernie Alonzo.

Christine Larson has been a ghost hunter for 9 or 10 years. She has conducted investigations with many people and groups, but when I ran across her, she was with Haunted Orange County (or Haunted OC).

“I think one of my most intriguing and emotional experiences was at Gettysburg,” said Larson. Larson was visiting the Gettysburg Civil War battleground in Pennsylvania, and while traveling over a bridge she had the urge to say a quick prayer. “I distinctly heard a “Thank you.” Later, while leaving the battleground, she traveled over the same bridge and heard “Don’t go.”

“It was very chilling,” she said.

Larson has traveled all over the country and has many stories to tell.  In Orange County, she says the spot where she’s had the most reliable experiences was the Dr. Howe-Waffle House and Museum.  This is also one of the spots that Haunted OC frequents the most.

“Don’t think too much, be truthful to yourself, and be open,” said Larson, as advice to any prospective ghost hunter.  “There are three types of people: those who believe blindly; those who reject everything out of hand and then there are those like me, or how I was, who are skeptical believers. The latter hasn’t had any experiences but would like to have one.”

Haunted OC is owned by Ernie Alonzo, and more information can be found at Actor Chad Lindbergh is also heavily involved with Haunted OC.

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