I Like Scary Movies

I Like Scary Movies is an Instagram museum with dozens of scenes inspired by
some of the best horror films from Warner Bros. Studios:
The Shining, IT, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Beetlejuice
Through November 17, 2019

I Like Scary Movies is the experience that all scary movie fans have been dreaming of!

A ground breaking art exhibit that is a true celebration of some of the most beloved horror films ever made. This is a unique opportunity for fans to interact and enjoy the films that they love to be scared by  in a completely new way with amazing interactive art and photo opportunities to share.

I like Scary Movies was born from the mind of experiential artist Maximillian who wanted a way to dive deeper into this dark genre and explore the worlds outside of the traditional fright fest.

When you visit I like Scary Movies, you enter a multi sensory experience where your senses see, hear, feel and smell the fear.

Come Play With Us!

For tickets and information visit www.ilikescarymoviesexperience.com

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