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Diabolki Awaits in the Shadow Realms



Because the maze is located in a neighborhood street, their crew has been thoughtful and diligent about letting the neighbors know what will be going on and what to expect Saturday, October 26th ~ Sunday, October 27th ~ and Halloween Night, October 31st from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm each night.

Ancient Priests protect the hidden treasure

The story behind the maze is about a professor who tried to find the sacred Temple Of The Fallen God. As the myth is told,  he nor his team ever returned and the professor was thought to have gone insane, never to be seen again. Now 130 years later, his great-grandson has embarked on the same adventure to rediscover the temple and was captured trying to steal the great treasure that lies within.

Jasper the Guardian Dragon

Visitors are lead to the doors of the temple that is guarded by a great dragon. As the unsuspecting walk into the maze, there is an opportunity to grab some of the treasure ~ if you are brave enough to reach through a concealed enclosure that is.

Founders Ron Love and Nathan Hamre stated “ We had such fun at Midsummer Scream, participating in the maze room and we are thrilled to be able to offer a bigger and better maze this year.”

Don’t think for one minute that there isn’t a bog to trudge through, or swamp monsters waiting. Ancient priests guard the temple and take their charge seriously. These larger-than-life guardians have been keeping the professor locked in a room for a century or more … make sure you don’t get caught in a room with no windows, no doors, and now way out!! Monstrous arachnids are seeking their next meal, and soul suckers await as you meander through foggy rooms filled with fright.

Monstrous arachnids seek their next meal

Be sure to take photos as you leave the temple ~ if you emerge intact, tag them with #realmofshadow.  “I have actually heard visitors scream … I just pee’d my pants’ “grinned Bayless,” it is so hard not to laugh out loud!”

This maze is family-friendly and if you have little ones with you, be sure to mention ‘Code Green’ so that the tables can turn on the monsters …. who will recoil from the children in horror …

Prepare yourself for a dreadfully good time, make sure that Diabolki has not stolen your soul, and wear your Depends!

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