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Phantoms of the Palmetto State!



Haunted Places in South Carolina

Five of the most haunted places in South Carolina are eager to tell their spooky stories.

Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Palmetto State.

  • Poogan’s Porch / Charleston, SC
    • Once a spacious home erected in 1891, Poogan’s Porch has a woman in black that appears to walk the grounds and restaurant. Thought to be Zoe St. Armand who owned the house in the early 1900’s ~ she can be seen upstairs, knocking on closed doors or found kneading dough in the kitchen.

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  • Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro / Little River, SC
    • Clarence and Essie Bessent – McCorsley built this Victorian home in 1910. After Clarence passed away, Essie would often rent the rooms. Most of the activity is centered around the kitchen where objects move unexplainably, loud noises, and wine glasses that keep falling off tables. Many guests have reported orb bombed ghostly energies in their photos.

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  • Abbeville Opera House / Abbeville, SC
    • The opera house is well over a hundred years old and is full of fables about actors who don’t want to leave. One such entity is so beloved by the theater that they keep a seat for her open at all times. There is a story of star-crossed lovers, only to have the young man murdered in the balcony and footsteps can be heard on the catwalk.
  • 1914 Chester County Jail / Chester, SC
    • This is considered to be one of the oldest and therefore most haunted buildings in town. The intense history feeds the intense hauntings of this property. The ‘Trustee’ has been seen numerous times by employees and visitors. Stories abound of helpful haunts ~ even saving the life of one of the docents!

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  • Battery Carriage House Inn / Charleston, SC
    • Currently known as 20 South Battery Inn, this place is saturated with history and legacies. The mansion survived the Civil War as did the specters that reside here. The Inn has eleven guest rooms and each apparently has odd encounters. The most notable is Room 8 where an apparition of a man has been known to hover over the bed.

Discover more about this property HERE.

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