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Live Paranormal Investigating at The Oman House



Wanna go Ghost Hunting at The Oman House? Here’s your chance!

​​​On Friday and Saturday Night August 21st and August 22nd there will be a LIVE STREAM Ghost Investigation and Mini Paracon. This event will feature a seance and interviews with paranormal celebs and other personalities. This event is an unprecedented sixteen hours of LIVE Streaming.

What is the Oman House?

David Oman has lived in the House At the End of the Drive for many years. It is located just 150 feet away from the home where Sharon Tate and others were murdered by members of the Manson Family cult. To learn more about David Oman, watch TCT’s interview with him.

The Oman house has been seen on a plethora of shows, including Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story, Paranormal Witness, Haunted History, AfterShocks, Dead Famous Live, Searching for Satan, and Ghost Adventures. ​ The house is canvased with 18 high-definition cameras with infrared and audio. Throughout the house, these cameras, REM pods, and other devices routinely pick up spirit activity almost every day. By registering, you can actively be part of the investigation, or just sit back and watch. From 6:00 pm till 8:30 pm, David Oman will be interviewing and giving a tour of the home. David will also be showing new and recent paranormal evidence never before seen by the public.

What to Expect

At 8:30 pm we will begin the LIVE Ghost investigation till midnight when there will be a seance. There will be two cameramen covering the event, one camera following the investigators, and the other camera covering the activity from the HQ in the garage. At 1:00 am the investigation will conclude and an interactive question and answer session will follow. A second walk-through will / investigation will go until 2:30 am. During the entire night, a moderator will be answering questions in the LIVE Chat room as well as asking questions of our participants.

This is a unique, informative, and entertaining event unlike any held before. ‘Conjuring’ isn’t a pastime here at the ‘Mount Everest of Haunted Houses,’ it’s a way of life. Tickets are sold at and

Tickets are only $10. Reserve your spot now!


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