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Paranormal Trucker: What’s Your 20?



Kathy Owen and her son Daniel are about to embark on another adventure as Paranormal Truckers.

Kathy Owen is a 60 something physical medium with many abilities, she can speak with the dead which she calls ‘earthbounds’ and is known as the ‘Paranormal Trucker’.  Owen has been able to speak with those that have crossed over her entire life, “Everything just intensified when I had my own near death experience,” she told TCTN.

“Being able to have abilities came in handy when dealing with the deceased. I found I was able to communicate better with them, have a better understanding of how things work on the other side, while obtaining information from the deceased and get some answers,” stated Owen. She has been involved in the paranormal for 44 years, long before the genre exploded as it has today. “My abilities helped me to establish a connection with the deceased and being there myself, witnessing firsthand the other side, I can help others know what to expect when we die.”

Paranormal investigation became the paramount quest in her life. “I needed techniques, needed to research and conduct my own experiments in proving how this all works. It was back in 1998 that my husband and I decided to become truck drivers. It was a passion of ours ~ being able to work as truck drivers and travel the country and see everything while being paid to do so.”

Rolling into the very haunted Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada.

Owen grasped the concept of the paranormal trucker while being on the road with her son who is also a truck driver, combing driving with the paranormal. Being able to travel all over the United States and stop at places of interest that appear to be haunted is not like taking a normal vacation. “I make stops as I drive, my gas is paid for and the truck is almost like a small motor home,” added Owen.  

Another thing that works out in her favor is being able to meet up with other paranormal teams along the way.  She keeps in touch and lets them know ahead of time when she will be in the area. “As long as we make arrangements for them to come and pick me up from where I parked or the truck stop, we go investigate together. Many think it’s impossible to fit my busy schedule and combine paranormal investigating together, but it is actually very simple and if I come across a hotel / motel that has a haunted history all the better.”

Being a female truck driver can seem like a hazardous career choice but Owens’ son Daniel travels with her, taking care of mechanical problems and adding that safety in numbers factor.

A recent trip for the two involved an eight day stop in Medford, Oregon for repairs. The company placed them us up at the Ramada Inn for six days. A motel/hotel is a hotspot for paranormal enthusiasts. Because of her abilities, Owen had already picked up on many entities roaming the building, especially around the indoor pool.  “Daniel and I started asking employees if they had witnessed anything paranormal, I was surprised of the answers we got. Some were willing to discuss it freely and tell us of their own personal experiences, other were reluctant to even speak of it. Mostly the housekeepers were the ones to talk openly about it.”

Make sure you spend some time exploring the Old Tonopah Cemetery right next door.  There are stories of weird noises, strange lights, and full body apparitions at the Old Cemetery.

She stated she picked up and confirmed three drowning’s and a brutal murder that had taken place in one room. “The negative energy was so strong I couldn’t even touch the door without becoming sick. A lot of paranormal investigators think that older motels or hotels are the hotspots for paranormal activity, but that is not always the case. Even the newer ones can be haunted.”

“Spirits are everywhere out there, even while driving on the road. All of us have driven that highway and have seen the memorial white cross where somebody was killed in a car accident. To everyone else, they see the memorial. To me, I sense the accident and the death. I become dizzy or a sick feeling overcomes me. You don’t really have to visit a haunted location to feel this energy,” said Owen. 

Owen says she would like to see her paranormal trucking turn into something more, incorporate a team of drivers that share the same interests, and then venture out.  She states it always a grand adventure and is ready to take on a camera crew to ride along with them.

You can follow Owen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @liv2cthedawn.

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