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Close Encounters

The Case of the Courtroom Ghost



By 3AM Paranormal

It was late 2001 in Southern California. I was having an adult beverage at the Black Crow bar when I decided to step outside to have a cigarette.  It there that I met a very beautiful young lady named Angelina who was also having a cigarette. 

Our conversation led to the topic of the paranormal and my ongoing interest in the subject. She told me that there was a situation at her place of work and wondered if I would be willing to meet her there, saying that would explain what the situation was.  I agreed and we exchanged information.

We set up a date to meet.  

I asked her what she did for living and she stated that she was an Assistant Prosecutor with the city and worked at the courthouse downtown. I thought to myself this should be interesting.  A week or so later I found myself trying to get my investigating equipment through the security check point at the courthouse. Trying to explain to the guard what exactly I was bringing into the building was a true test to by ability to convince others.

Suddenly, as if on cue, Angelina popped up out of nowhere, gave the security guards the okay to allow me in and I was good to go. I had really thought that I was going to just meet with her; she would point out a couple of places in the building where she might have had an experience. 

We got off the elevator and walked down to one of the courtrooms. Angelina opened the door and standing in front of the bench ~ facing me ~ were five sheriffs deputies.  I was rather taken aback by this and she guided me over to the defendant table, sat me down, making all the proper introductions.  

Each bailiff, one-by-one, proceeded to tell me their story of the court room ghost .The first Deputy told me that he had never actually seen the ghost but he had heard it many times, so-much-so he no longer doubted it. He went on to say that there were countless times during court sessions, when sounds would come from the restrooms. 

At the time I did not know that just behind the wall in the jury box, was the men’s restroom. Someone … or something … would start slamming the trash cans about. It was so loud that the judge would have to halt proceedings and send in the bailiff to investigate the problem. Upon entering the restroom, the deputy said no one was there and the sounds had ceased. 

The next deputy told the story that during a hearing, the judge – in jest – told the deputy to look in the direction of the restroom. He had seen the door open very slowly. To his surprise he saw very clearly a previous judge who had worked in the same court room. This judge had recently passed away. Both the bailiff and the new judge saw a full body apparition of the previous judge. They were even able to describe the sweater he was wearing.

One by one, similar stories told by professional observers and sworn officers of the law, told their mind blowing tales. 

Why was the judge still there?

Giving the ghostly judge the nickname of Morty, it seems that no one outside the court room or the judge’s chambers had ever seen him. For some reason he could only manifest inside the men’s restroom and he seem to be very upset. 

This was one of my first real investigations.  I did the best I could with the equipment and knowledge that I had.  Unfortunately, I did not capture any evidence, see or hear any manifestations.

I often wonder if the judge is still there after these 20 years…..

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