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A Meditation by Shaman Isabella

We are in tremendous times of change, and how you handle yourself right now is what will either make or break you.

Fear is a disease in and of itself. It perpetuates and creates chaos, anxiety, and eventually more fear. Fear attracts fear, and this fear can jump from one individual to another. It can control you as it blows out your Chakra bodies and keeps your mind from being able to stay centered in the eye of the storm. In a way, fear is like a virus and can take over your entire mind, body, and spirit, and control you to the point of becoming paralyzed … To the point of no return.

Now is the time to come together as a Tribe, as a human race, and love one another. Help those without, those in need, share, but most of all fall more in love with who you are every day and create the planet you wish to live on.

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