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Phantoms of the Garden State



Kingsland Manor

5 of the Most Haunted in New Jersey USA  – Most Haunted Marathon Series

The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in New Jersey are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Garden State.

Burrowes Mansion Museum ~ Matawan, NJ

Filled with the anguish of a woman that fought until her death during the Revolutionary War, Margaret Burrowes blocked the entryway. The untouched remains of this historical masterpiece allow her ghost to stand at the doorway where she lost her life. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE

Kingsland Manor ~ Nutley, NJ

A tragic history from its barn that served as a speak-easy is said to be the source of the unforgiving haunts at the Kingsland Manor. Folks have experienced hearing disembodied voices and footsteps. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE.

White Hill Mansion ~ Fieldsboro, NJ

Built in 1757, this property is full of tragedies and history gone wrong. Unexplained deaths and loss of ownership due to mismanagement, it is no wonder why the spirits roam restlessly within. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE.

Angel of the Sea ~ Cape May, NJ

New Jersey, is a metropolis for the haunted. Its speckled historic buildings that nudge against its shoreline are a retreat for the living and the dead. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE.

Pine Barrens ~ Pemberton Township, NJ

The core of spooks in Pine Barrens leads to the New Jersey Devil. It started in 1735 when a woman gave birth to her 13th infant baby, who legend tells us, turned into a winged devil. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE.

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