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Haunts of the Sunshine State



5 of the Most Haunted in Florida USA

The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Florida are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Sunshine State.

  • Daffodale House ~ Monticello, Florida

    • The presence of its phantoms was first detected when the current owners, The Ebberbachs, started renovations. According to them, strange music is heard from the Safari room. Aromas of pipe smoke are often noted in the air near the elevator. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE.
  • Fort East Martello Museum ~ Key West, Florida

    • The most famous resident of the museum is Robert the Doll. He was once owned by Key West artist Robert Eugene (Gene) Otto. Gene and Robert were ‘best friends’ growing up. Legend says that young Gene would blame the doll when he misbehaved, saying, “I didn’t do it. Robert did it”. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE.
  • Euphoria Emporium Hookah Café ~Spring Hill, Florida

    • People report seeing unexplained shadows and full-body apparitions walking into the next room. Several employees have reported seeing an older man with a white shirt and jeans walking into a room but found no one was there. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE.
  • The Riddle House (Yesteryear Village) ~ West Palm Beach Florida

    • There are many legends that speak to the haunted activity at the Riddle House. One of the most popular involved “Buck” who was said to work at the nearby Woodlawn Cemetery, whose life came to an end after an argument gone bad. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE.
  • St Augustine Lighthouse ~ St Augustine, Florida

    • Called the most haunted lighthouse in the world, popular tales of its phantoms are actually sourced to its former keepers. One story is that the smell of cigar smoke is the first lighthouse keeper. Discover more about this property by CLICKING HERE.

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