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Phantoms of the First State …



5 of the Most Haunted in Delaware USA – Most Haunted Marathon Series

The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in Delaware are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the First State!

Fort Delaware State Park / Delaware City, DE

Constructed in 1859 and originally built to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia it soon became a prison camp for Confederate soldiers, up to 12,595, where conditions were notoriously horrid. No one is hesitant to speak about the hauntings of Fort Delaware. The presence of phantoms, poltergeists and even malicious spirits commonly penetrate the prison halls and tunnels.

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Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast / Bethany Beach, DE

Spirit activity can be found just about everywhere in this Victorian Style Inn. Several guests have experienced violent shaking in the unique copper bathtub, one room is haunted by a former employee and the spirit of Kurty Addy is believed to frequent the roof where guests hear sounds of footsteps. Disembodied steps run through the hallways, smell of perfume fills the air and mysterious organ music can be heard even though there is no organ.

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Crabby Dicks / Rehoboth Beach, DE

All joking aside, it was originally known as the Delaware City Hotel and was a popular tavern that was host to the soldiers that were stationed at For Delaware, it is suspected that many of these rowdy soldiers haunt the grounds of their favorite tavern. Witnesses attest to the ghost of the original owner’s wife who appears, loud and unexplained noises can be heard, doors open and shut on their own and orbs appear in photos that guests have taken.

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Brick Hotel on the Circle / Bethany Beach, DE

Built on the grounds of the original Public House once stood, the hotel touts a stormy past. It was associated with the worst of the worst. Locked doors open on their own and paintings have actually moved around on their own. The showers will often turn on by themselves and clear EVPs have been captured by paranormal investigators.

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Bewitched & Bedazzled B&B / Rehoboth Beach, DE

Eleanor Sigsbee has never checked out of this quaint inn, overstaying her welcome by 120 years. Joining her is an old sea captain Charles Dwight Sigsbee and his family ~ yes his family! The former sailor died in the building as well as his daughter who appears in full apparition in the basement. Ghost sightings at Bewitched and Bedazzled have become so common that books are left in each room for guests to describe what they have seen.

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