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Grandinetti Amazes Google



Michael Grandinetti

Master Illusionist and Event Entertainer Michael Grandinetti Provides An Evening Of Jaw-Dropping Amazement For Top US And International Google Executives

Throughout his 20 year career, illusionist Michael Grandinetti has performed for a wide variety of events across the United States and Canada, in just about every type of venue imaginable.  Last week, he performed for a very special audience comprised of Google’s top technical engineers, market analyzers, and international sales executives, when he performed for the company’s AMT Gala in Chicago.  Google is listed as one of the “Big Four” technology companies of the world, along with Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, and is known as the world’s top search engine, processing over 3 billion searches per day.  The company was looking for something “big” and The Magic of Michael Grandinetti did not disappoint!During the event, an audience of 600 people filled the grand hall of Chicago’s renowned Field Museum, perhaps a bit skeptical of the magic that was to come.  Once Grandinetti took the stage as if true magic took over, the highly accomplished executives became carefree and wrapped up in the wonders they were witnessing.  During the 60-minute show, Grandinetti made objects float through the air, caused borrowed items to vanish and reappear in surprising places, passed solid objects through each other, performed an illusion with all 600 people at the same time, and even read the mind of the company’s president!

“You were the highlight of the night!!  Many, many thanks for wowing the crowd!” stated Director of Agency Business Development Google, Inc., “Deep thanks for a great show!  It was really a highlight and I know you made many new fans.  Thanks for delivering an exceptional evening!”

One of the country’s top magicians, Grandinettis’ work over the years includes featured performances on national and international television series and specials NBC’s The World’s Most Dangerous Magic, The CW’s Masters of Illusion, Pop’s Don’t Blink, FOX’s Bones, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, SportsCenter, The Bold and the Beautiful, for NFL halftime and NBA halftime shows at the center of stadiums and arenas, with Oscar-winning composers and symphony orchestras, for Fortune 500 and corporate events nationwide, and in theaters and casinos across the continent.  Michael was also the first illusionist ever invited to appear in the National Independence Day Parade in Washington DC, where he levitated a girl high above a float as it moved down Constitution Avenue as 250,000 people lined the streets

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