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Phantoms of the Golden State



Alcatraz Island

5 of the Most Haunted in California, USA – Most Haunted Marathon Series

The phantoms of five of the most haunted places in California are eager to tell their spooky stories. Here are our spine-chilling picks from the Golden State.

  • Preston Castle, Ione CA

With the historical pain and suffering endured at the Preston School of Industry, there is no doubt why Preston Castle is one of the most haunted places in California. The history of the castle is baroque and Dickensian enough even without the ghosts, but the tortured soul of the murdered Anna Corbin and 17 boys whose graves line the site’s cemetery tell creepy tales of this early reform school.

  • Alcatraz Federal Prison, San Francisco, CA

Located in the chilling waters of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island and Federal Penitentiary have a long and checkered past. From the first recorded visit of Juan Manuel de Ayala to becoming a military base to the creation of ‘The Rock’ by prisoners themselves, paranormal activity is rampant and gut-wrenching. It is said that Al Capone makes his presence known through apparitions and banjo strumming.

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  • The Queen Mary, Long Beach CA

There is no more regal ship than the magnificent Queen Mary Hotel, museum, and haunted phenomenon. Souls that have cared for her clearly refuse to leave. Stateroom B340 is one of the most haunted rooms that aboard, with reports dating back to the final ocean in 1967. Named one of the ‘Top 10 Most Haunted Places on Earth’ visitors need only to stroll her decks to mingle with the dead.

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  • The Oman House, Beverly Hills, CA

Another favorite of ours is the Oman House. Said to have been built upon cursed land, owner David Oman has documentation of supernatural activity starting as soon as construction began. Oman believes that the spirit of Sharon Tate is one of the restless ones that frequent the property. Some believe the house is a containment vessel because of the geomagnetic energy that surrounds the property.

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  • Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco, CA

Open in 1890, the grandeur of this painted lady served as the Miss Mary Lake’s School for Girls. Identified as friendly, ghosts that reside in the hotel are different from the spirits of others. Mary appears to favor Room 410, which was once her office and guests report feeling cold spots in hallways and seeing strange reflections in mirrors.

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