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A Personal Visit to Zak Bagans Haunted Museum



By Dee Dee Mason

It was just another normal Friday, October afternoon as I stepped out of the car and onto the front parking lot of the world-renowned Zak Bagans Haunted Museum, winner of the Best Museum Award …. I could feel the energy emanating from the 1938 building.

My tour began in the queue with my old friend Angry Joe Tasso, who was a featured guest on the Bonny Springs Ranch episode of Ghost Adventures. Once inside the house, our tour guide imparted their knowledge with perfect professionalism, the different rooms held guests’ imagination with their individual themes and oozed with Zak’s enthusiasm.

The first room on our tour was the Oddities Room full of human skulls and antique dolls. A personal greeting from a museum curator, Mr. Bagans in the form of a Zelda fortune machine, took your dollar and delivered a personal poignant message from the guru of ghost adventures himself.

The tour group was deceptively maneuvered from downstairs to upstairs via the Carnival room full of seven-foot-tall clowns and a painting mounted on the tight walls that suddenly dropped down revealing a Jack-in-the-box-like clown head that popped out cackling like a witch straight out of a Grimm’s fairy tale.

The Dybbuk box is said to be the world’s most haunted object which is now housed at Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum / Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo courtesy of Richard Brian/Las Vegas Review Journal)

I literally stumbled into the anti-chamber of the Dybbuk Box room and came to a sudden stop facing our tour guide, he told the group about what was supposed to be contained within the glass box, itself held within the four walls of the next room. He refused to go into the room for any length of time.

The 15 of us followed him through the big wooden door and I found myself face to face with the box directly in front of me. It was in the middle of the room ~ not only in a glass box but it had been sealed inside a sage and salt circle.

The rest of the group walked around the box briefly, but something made me stop and focus on the tiny gap between the two doors of the infamous box. As I gazed at the box, I could actually see something move, both with my physical eye and my third eye. The energy that came off of the box was intense. Whatever is housed in it now uses the room as its domain. The energy was too strong even for me to stare down, so I ~ being a good witch on this occasion, did not outstay my welcome.

The next room adjacent to the Dybbuk box was one that was particularly interesting to me. It housed ‘Peggy the Haunted Doll’. It was the room I had been looking forward to entering…. But you will have to wait until my next article to read about her. But be warned, prepare yourself because she can travel, even my editor felt her presence in the article.

Until next time loves! Stay curious!

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