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Happy Thanks-Giving from These Curious Times!!



This is the season for gathering with your loved ones and reflecting on all the wonderful things you have in your life to be thankful for. Most of us will take the time to make a list or state what we are thankful for while around the dinner table ~ in our house we have an autograph booklet. Remember when you were a kid and you went around collecting autographs ~ it is like that~ except we take a paper leaf; write what we are thankful for, and add it to the booklet each year.

Making a Gratitude List is a lovely way to ground yourself amid the craziness of the holidays and remind yourself who and what you already have in your life to be appreciative of. You can turn it into daily practice as part of your morning rituals. Making a Gratitude List helps you get in the habit of choosing gratitude every day, even on the most challenging ones, to help you flow mindfully through life’s ups and downs.

The more you practice the art of thankfulness ~ the more you have to be thankful for.
~ Norman Vincent Peale ~

Tammyes’ Gratitude List:

  • My Health. At 61, I am grateful for having a mind and body that is healthy and whole.
  • My Husband. he has shown me what true faithfulness and commitment are truly about. Even through the not-so-great-times. He is my rock.
  • My three amazing adult children. Somebody did something right because they constantly amaze me with their maturity, kindness, and devotion to family.
  • The best three daughters by marriage [and their spouses] a woman could ever wish for.
  • My amazing grand-darlings … they are the loves of my life.
  • My larger family, who keeps me grounded, supported, and rooted.
  • Amazing friends ~ you know who you are ~near and far. You are my heroes.
  • Long walks with furbabies.

One thing I am most grateful for is the opportunity to grow this amazing community! We are constantly wowed by all of our contributors and readers that keep us on our toes and inspire us to research further, grow bigger and reach out for this ever-growing little newspaper.

I also want to give big hugs, high-fives, and huge shout-outs to our remarkable reporters ~ Anthony, Carolyn, Dee, Melinda, and Michael ~ along with the amazing Goth Angel Productions crew and Ghosts Unlimited team of talent, for all they do. And lastly to Andrew Perry – the best partner in the paranormal any person could ask for ~I am SO pumped for the new year!

Now it’s your turn to create your own Gratitude List. Make a list of ten things in your life you are grateful for: What is working for you” What is going really well? Think of the family, friends, loved ones, experiences, things you have learned, teachers/guides, achievements, and opportunities that have come your way this past year. Chances are you have a lot to be thank-full for.

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